The Ocean which occupies about 70% of the earth's surface plays an important roll to solve some global environmental problems on climate, food, and energy. Besides, the marine environment in the coastal zone is suffering from the excessive human activities because of its fertility,so we are facing many kinds of marine environmental problems.

Our mission

To recover and cotrol the marine environment and enjoy marine products continuously, we are struggling to develop the methods for grasping and predicting the impacts on marine environment caused by some human activities, and to make research and education related to recovery and compensation for the damages on marine environment.
To be concrete...
  • Creating marine spaces by artificial structures and evaluating the environmental impact it causes
  • Preventing marine pollution ,and protecting and controlling marine environment
  • Evaluating the environmental impacts caused by CO2 ocean sequestration
  • Developing methods of measuring the ocean
  • Developing methods for obtaining, analyzing, and offering the Database of marine environment